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Colorado Springs and El Paso County, Colorado Licensing

Concrete Contractor (foundations/structural)

Concrete contractors are not licensed by the City of Colorado Springs, El Paso County or the State of Colorado. Concrete contractors perform work under the owner’s building permit, or the licensed contractor’s building permit.

Structural concrete (foundation) is inspected by the PPRBD before concrete is poured. The inspector visually verifies that reinforcement and formwork meet the requirements of the engineer’s site specific stamped design.

Concrete Contracting (flatwork, architectural and site work)

Concrete flatwork often does not have to be performed by a licensed contractor or require a permit. Concrete flatwork contractors are not licensed by El Paso County or the State of Colorado.

An exception is concrete work performed in the City of Colorado Springs right-of-way (City sidewalk, curb and gutter, street, highway, etc…). Our City of Colorado Springs Cement license no. is 705732.

Foundation Building Codes

There isn’t a building code per se for foundations. Part of the requirement for most building permits is the process described in the next paragraph – soil testing and an engineered design.

“Most” building permits require that a foundation be engineered, but there are some exceptions. Residential property owners building a detached garage, shed, outbuilding may not need an engineered foundation plan.

There are established building codes for most phases of construction. Foundations, or structural concrete, are different. A foundation is designed for the type (s) of soil where the structure is to be built. Soil samples are taken and tested to design a foundation that will support the new construction (building, addition or renovation). Using architectural designs along with soil test results, an engineer designs the foundation specifically for each structure. The foundation plan is a detailed plan for the type and amount of concrete and steel that will be needed.

To learn more about building in El Paso County, visit the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department. Their website has many helpful tools for planning, checking on permits, verifying contractor licenses.